Honours Project

The dissertation has all the details but dissertations are pretty dull to read so I’ll give a quick wee summary of what’s going on here.

I’m using Augmented Reality technology (using OpenCV) to locate objects in the real world (using the taped on webcam) and present them in Virtual Reality (using UE4). There’s also a toggleable pass-through camera because why not.

In the video the cards are being tracked and shown as the cuboids in engine. There are a couple of different builds on show in this video, it starts with the one I used for the dissertation and once it cuts to on screen footage it’s the build I used for the degree show. The only significant differences are the flashing lights to let the user know when a card is being tracked, a pass through camera so people can cheat a wee bit (this would have screwed over my research so I didn’t include it for that) and a couple of wee improvements to the accuracy.

This was all done by just one person (me) and is very much done as a proof of concept, have a look at the dissertation for more info.

feel free to send me a message if you want to know more or even just chat about it, I’ve a lot of spare time for the next week or two 😀

twitter is probably easiest but feel free to drop me an email as well at PhilipWilson@PhilipWilson.co.uk


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